"Kamerton" Cultural NGO (hereinafter: the organizer), with the assistance of Armenian Cultural Education Assistance Fund and the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Armenia, is organizing the “Kamerton - Soloist” International Competition-Festival of Performing Art of Folk Instruments in Armenia (hereinafter: the competition-festival).
The competition-festival will be held via the internet.
Performers of folk instruments up to 19 years of age can participate in the competition-festival.
The aim of the competition-festival is revealing talented young performers, improving their performing abilities, developing aesthetic taste and spreading the performing art of folk music amongst the growing generation.
Grand Prix winners will have a chance to perform at the Gala concert, as a soloist, with the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Armenia.
The program of competition-festival includes one or two folk compositions on the participant’s choice, which are to be performed by memory /no sheet music/ (total duration of the program - up to 15 minutes).
Participants may perform accompanied by only one accompanist or ensemble.
As a proof that the video is only for the competition-festival the participant should announce his/her name, surname and date of birth. The instrument, face and hands of the performer and the accompanist should be visible on the video.


1.    The competition-festival is held in one round. 
2.    Works are to be performed by memory /no sheet music/. 
3.    The participants must point out the video`s YouTube link in the application. 
4.    Deadline for applications is 20.05.2020.
5.    The competition-festival will be held from June 1 till June 8, 2020 in Yerevan.
6.    Performers born after 8 June 2000 can become participants of the competition-festival.

The competition-festival in the internal format, with other conditions, will be held in Yerevan at the same period of time for citizens of Armenia and Artsakh. 
Foreign citizens can also participate in the internal format of the competition-festival. In this case participants must pay for their accommodation and road expenses.

The jury consists of professors, renowned music pedagogues, laureates of international competitions.
Each nomination is assessed by three or more jury members.
Prizes will be awarded according to the following criteria:
•    GRAND PRIX - from 99 - 100 points
•    Laureate of the FIRST PRIZE - from 90 - 98 points
•    Laureate of the SECOND PRIZE - from 80 - 89 points
•    Laureate of the THIRD PRIZE  - from 70 - 79 points
•    DIPLOMA - from 60-69 points.

The results of the competition-festival will be announced and published on June 10 in the “Competitions” section of the kamerton.am website.
The Grand Prix winner (if desired) will perform at one of the Gala concerts, which will be held on June 19 and 21 in Yerevan, at Komitas Chamber Music House.
Participants must pay for their accommodation and road expenses.
Jury’s decisions are final and are not subjected. 

Diplomas and prizes are defined for each category and age group.

•    Grand Prix - performance as a soloist, at the Gala concert, with the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Armenia.
•    1st award - Laureate diploma
•    2nd award - Laureate diploma
•    3rd award - Laureate diploma
•    Diploma


1.    Participation fee is defined for participants.
2.    The participation fee for the internet competition is 40 EUR. 
3.    Participation fee is to be transferred to the following accounts:
Correspondent bank: Commerzbank, AG
Address: 60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Correspondent account: 400888012200
Recipient's account: AM220303350338002
Recipient: "Kamerton" Cultural NGO
Aim: “Kamerton – Soloist” International Competition-Festival of Performing Art of Folk Instruments, name and surname of the participant.

4. In case of violation of any conditions of the competition-festival, the participation fee is not subjected to reimbursement.
5. In case of participation in the Gala concert the participants must pay for their accommodation and road expenses.

1. The video should be without stopping and without editing from start to finish. 
The face and hands of the participant, the instrument and accompanist should be visible.
2. Before performing the composition, the participant facing the camera should announce his/her name, surname, age group, author and title of the composition, concluding with the words - “For “Kamerton - Soloist” Competition – Festival”.
3. The compositions must be performed by heart.
4. Videos that do not correspond to the above-mentioned rules are not accepted.



•    The online application is to be filled on the official website of "Kamerton" Cultural NGO www.kamerton.am in the “Competitions” section.
•    After sending the application, you will receive a confirmation letter.
•    The application is finally approved after receiving the scanned receipt of payment. In case of refusal of the application due to non-compliance with the rules of the competition-festival, the participant will receive a letter indicating the reasons for the refusal. 
The participant has the right to send a new application without re-payment. A receipt of an already completed payment should be attached to the new application.
•    Dear participant, please be attentive while filling out the application. 
Application`s information will be entered into diplomas and participation certificates. In addition, our feedback with you will be based on the information you provide.


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